Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More on Secure Channel Support

Visual Studio 2003 (.Net 1.1)

"Secure Channel Support" errors have occurred quite frequently. Common resolutions have been:

+ (Deployment) use XCOPY, not FPS
+ (IDE) change port, make sure to change definitions in solution file and file (I think this file is specific to 1.1/2003)

Resolution for this instance of the debacle ... one of the eight project files (in the solution) I had converted to 2005 (the only indication being the rather obtuse error). "Secure Channel Support" errors were evident prior to any 2005 conversion efforts and (from what I gather online) have been the bane of many. Discovery of the difference was made with line-by-line analysis of each project manifest file and noting that one of the property value of one of the elements referred to "CodeBehind" versus "Inline", a feature (that if I recall correctly) was fully implemented in 2005 (with the introduction of partial classes).

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