Wednesday, July 29, 2015

TFS Hidden Workspace Solution


When creating a new build in Team Foundation Server, I get the following error when attempting to run the new build:
The path C:\Build\ProductReleases\FullBuildv5.4.2x\Sources is already mapped to workspace BuildServer_23.
I am unable to see a workspace by that name in the workspaces dialog.

Use the command line utility TF - Team Foundation Version Control Tool (tf).
You can get a list of all workspaces by bringing up a Visual Studio Command Prompt then changing to your workspace folder and issuing the following commands:
C:\YourWorkspaceFolder>tf workspaces /owner:*
You should see your problem workspace in the list as well as it's owner.
You can delete the workspace with the following command:
C:\YourWorkspaceFolder>tf workspace /delete /server:BUILDSERVER WORKSPACENAME;OWNERNAME

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